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    Measuring Steel Pins, ±1,0µm, length 40mm 0,15 mm - 0,30 mm

    Measuring Steel Pins, ±1,0µm, length 40mm 0,15 mm - 0,30 mm L120-EP15-1
    Abbildung: Measuring Steel Pins, ±1,0µm, length 40mm (The picture may slightly differ from the original.)

    Order-No.: L120-EP15-1

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    Individual measuring steel pin Price per pin
    Diameter-range 0,15 mm to 0,30 mm
    Tolerance 1,0µm
    Length 40 mm

    more details

    More details
    Measuring Steel Pins with diameter of 0.15 mm to 0.30 mm
    Tolerance +- 1,0µm, Lenght 40mm, Step 0,01mm
    Special steel with high wearing quality and enough resistance
    Hardened, ground and lapped
    Accuracy in accordance with DIN 2269
    For Testing of Bore Tolerance, the Angle of Bore,
    Measuring of Bore distances, for Standard Stetting and
    Testing of displayed Gauges, for Measuring of Prisms, Gears or V-Tours

    When ordering, please indicate the following (for Example): 1 Measuring Steel Pin, diameter 0,17mm,
    Lenght: 30mm, Tolerance +- 0,5µm

    Price per Measuring Steel Pin
    Minimum order value for Measuring Steel Pin 25,00 EUR