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    Magnetic pin gauge singles Ø 14,000 mm - 15,999 mm

    Magnetic pin gauge singles Ø 14,000 mm - 15,999 mm U1077106
    Abbildung: Magnetic pin gauge singles (The picture may slightly differ from the original.)

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    Single magnetic pin gauges for adhesion to steel workpieces
    Tolerance: ±1,0 µm, Length 50 mm
    Diameter 14,000 mm - 15,999 mm, Steps: 0,001 mm (Please specify nominal size)

    more details

    More details
    Pin gauges with permanent magnetic force (Magnetic pin gauges / measuring pins)
    • Perfect for testing work piece bevels and other special locations
    • Suitable for measuring gears and for checking the concentricity
    • Permanent magnetic force and adhesion on ferromagnetic workpieces. It saves a lot of time and helps to make measurement easie
    • Not rolling away and no falling down of pin gauges.

    Notes on consideration during testing

    • Due to the production of blanks, the pin gauges can have lance points in rare cases.
    • Due to the material composition, magnetic transverse forces can be absorbed only to a limited extent.

    Technical specifications:

    • Diameter 14,000 mm - 15,999 mm (Please specify nominal size)
    • Steps: 0,001 mm
    • Tolerance: ±1,0 µm
    • Length 50 mm

    Other lengths or magnetic pin gauge sets in the wooden case are also available.

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