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    Small Dial Gauge KM4-5S 0 - 5 mm

    Small Dial Gauge KM4-5S 0 - 5 mm KA10010
    Abbildung: Small Dial Gauge KM4-5S (The picture may slightly differ from the original.)

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    Kleine Messuhr, Skalenteilungswert 0,01 mm, Messspanne 5 mm, 1 Zeigerumdrehung 0,5 mm, Außenring-Ø 40 mm, mit Stoßschutz

    more details

    More details
    Dimensions and accuracy according to DIN 878
    The high-class impact protection of the Small Dial
    Gauge KM 4/5 S results in an exceptionally long service
    life. A gear rack sleeve covering the length of the
    spindle is arranged and sprung in such a way that the
    shocks against the measuring insert are not transferred
    to the measuring gear. The Small Dial Gauge is
    robust in operation. Its precision is maintained with
    practically no limitations.
    Spindle and stem are made of resistant stainless
    Technical Data:
    Reading: 0,01 mm
    Range: 5 mm
    Range per revolution: 0,5 mm
    Bezel - Ø: 40 mm
    Stem - Ø: 8 h 6