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    Dial Gauge M2XS 0 - 10 mm

    Dial Gauge M2XS 0 - 10 mm KA10117
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    analoge Messuhr, Polyamidhäuse mit Stoßschutz, Skalenteilungswert 0,01 mm, Messspanne 10 mm, 1 Zeigerumdrehung 1 mm, Außenring-Ø 58 mm

    more details

    More details
    Enabled by the use of a polyamide quality injectionmoulded
    casing we can offer the Dial Gauge M2XS having very low weight.
    The Dial Gauge M 2 XS is another shockproof version.
    All details of this Dial Gauge conform to DIN 878.
    This applies not only to the dimensions but also to allowed tolerances.
    Spindle and stem are made of resistant stainless steel.
    Technical Data:
    Reading: 0,01 mm
    Range: 10 mm
    Range per revolution: 1 mm
    Bezel-Ø: 58 mm
    Stem-Ø: 8 h 6