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    Thickness Gauge with lifting device J 200-30-b

    Thickness Gauge with lifting device J 200-30-b KA20018-b
    Abbildung: Thickness Gauge with lifting device (The picture may slightly differ from the original.)

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    Dial Thickness Gauge, Range 30 mm, Reading: 0,01mm, depth of jaw: 200 mm,
    Feeler form b (20mm flat), contact force: 1,5N

    more details

    More details
    Technical Data
    Reading: 0,01 mm
    Range per revolution: 1 mm
    Bezel-Ø: 58 mm
    Depth of jaw: 200 mm
    Range: 30 mm
    contact force: 1,5N
    Accuracy according to DIN 878 hysteresis fu however not checked

    Specials with increased or reduced contact force are available on
    request with values listed in the table below the illustration.

    Feeler Form b (20 mm): Blanket, rubber sheets, felt, soft fabrics