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    Dial Thickness Gauge JD 100 R

    Dial Thickness Gauge JD 100 R KA20088m
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    Digital Dial Thickness Gauge, Range 5 mm, Reading: 0,001mm, depth of jaw: 100 mm,
    Feeler: rollers with side discs

    more details

    More details
    Technical Data:
    Reading: 0,01 mm
    Range: 5 mm
    Range per revolution: 1 mm
    Bezel-Ø: 58 mm
    Depth of jaw: 100 mm
    Standard feeler: rollers with side discs
    Width of the rollers: 8,7 mm
    Ø of the rollers: 8,4 mm

    This model has side discs at the lower roller for guiding
    the thread. It is therefore suited for measuring the
    thickness of wires and threads especially in continuous